3 Cake Variations You Must Try

3 Cake Variations You Must Try

Every birthday in my family inevitably sees me tasked with providing the cake, and as much as my family love a chocolate sour cream or lime and coconut cake, there’s only a few times I can show up with the old favourite before my family says they want to try something new. This has led me to make a few ‘enhancements’ to our cakes which look exciting and still taste delicious.

Here's my top 3. They're all layer cakes and we've only split and filled them with one layer of filling but you could get them split and filled twice if you like.


1. Chocolate sour cream cake white chocolate cream

Chocolate sour cream cake with a layer of white chocolate cream in the centre and on top

We use a white chocolate cream in our chocolate roulade but it also goes beautifully with our chocolate sour cream cake. Split and filled with a layer of cream in the centre makes the cake look decadent.

*Remove from fridge an hour before serving to let the cake warm up.


2. Butter cake split and filled with lemon curd

Butter cake split and filled with lemon curd, iced on top with cream cheese icing and decorated with praline

The cream cheese icing with its hint of orange is one of our favourite icings, and it also beautifully complements the butter cake. The golden pieces of praline on top and the yellow filling give this cake a warm, golden look.


3. Butter cake with raspberry jam

Butter cake split and filled with raspberry jam in the centre and iced on top with vanilla bean icing

Raspberry jam goes perfectly with this buttery cake which has a hint of orange. I also love the streak of red through the cake. Serve with cream or even a big scoop of vanilla bean icing.

butter cake with raspberry jam

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