Weekly Take Home Meals

Give us a call on 3852 3799 before 3pm on Tuesday, 21st September to order your meals for pick up or delivery on Friday, 24th September.

Classic Pork Lasagne $48.50
Slow cooked pork ragu layered between fresh, handmade pasta, bechamel and lashings of cheese. 
Serves 4.

Garlic and Parmesan Sourdough $18.50
Deliciously cheesy garlic loaf. Perfect paired with our pastitsio!
Serves 4-6.

Greek Pastitsio $48.50
Greek Lasagne. Melt in your mouth lamb layered with bechamel and cheese.
Serves 4.

Country Chicken Pie $48.00
Creamy country chicken pie with bechamel, full of wholesome veggies. 
Serves 4.
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