How can we help you?

Below you will find some frequently asked questions that may be of assistance to you during your shopping experience with us.

Why is there an order cut off?
Our team works as hard as they can to ensure you receive top quality products. Our orders are cut off at 1pm each day so that our admin team & the kitchen team have sufficient time to process & prepare your orders with care & precision.
If I missed the order cut off, can I just walk in to the store and purchase something off the shelf?
Yes! While we definitely recommend pre ordering for items you are set on purchasing, we do have a range of stock available everyday for these last-minute orders!
What is a product lead time and why do you have it?
Some of our products require additional preparation to produce the final result. As we are a bulk production kitchen, our team works in batches and needs the time to prepare the beautiful items you know and love.
Is my pick-up time important?
All of our orders for the day are delivered fresh in the morning and are available for pick-up throughout our opening hours. The pick-up time you select is used as an indicative time for our retail staff to know when to expect you. Unless otherwise stated, pick-up time is only a guideline.
Do you offer Delivery?
We can deliver as long as the order reaches a minimum of $300, be within 5-10km of our Albion main kitchen and between 8-11am. Depending on the location a $25 (or more) delivery fee will also be involved.
Do you do catering?
We do have items that are perfect for catering. Head to our catering page on our website to see what we recommend. For assistance in working out quantities and logistics, please email to speak with one of our lovely staff members.
Can we heat your savoury products? 
We can heat your products if the order reaches a minimum of $100. However, some of our stores have limited space and resources to heat large quantities so please contact our Head Office for any further questions you may have about this service. Please note: We do not heat our mini quiches. If you want to heat items at home, we can provide recommended heating instructions.
Do you have Gluten Free or Coeliac safe products?
While some of our products do not contain gluten themselves, all products are made in a kitchen where gluten is present so we cannot guarantee traces of gluten are non-existent. We prefer to say gluten friendly. As we don’t have a dedicated coeliac safe kitchen area, it is up to the person as to whether or not they feel comfortable consuming our gluten friendly products.
Do you have dine in options?
We operate as takeaway only so no dine in options are available in store. However, most of our locations have public sitting areas nearby to enjoy your treats!
Do you have coffee?
We have delicious Supreme coffee available at our James Street & Brisbane City store!
Do you have any specials?
We tend to have specials available every weekend. Best way to see if we have them is to follow our social media for updates on what’s available, where and when!
Do you make custom cakes?
Yes we do! We don’t do any novelty style cakes but if you’d like to find out more information, please email our with an enquiry and our special occasion cake consultant can assist you.
Is our Butter cake a sponge cake?
Our butter cake is not like a sponge cake. This cake is a lot denser than a sponge and has a richer, buttery flavour.
Can I order flowers for my cake?
We're delighted to offer flower arrangements for your cake. For the freshest experience, we recommend incorporating flowers only if you plan to enjoy your cake on the day of pickup. This ensures the delicate nature of the flowers remains intact for your enjoyment.