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Artisan Sandwich Box

Artisan Sandwich Box

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Make catering easy with our Artisan Sandwich Box. Perfect for gatherings, this box contains everything you need to serve up delicious sandwiches which are hassle-free. Simply select your flavour/s, pick-up and enjoy. 

Choose from a mixed, one or half/half flavour box. 

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Chicken & Nut Sourdough Artisan Sandwich - Creamy Chicken & Almond filling with Greens sandwiched between Sourdough Bread.

Ham & Cheese Sourdough Artisan Sandwich - Classic Ham & Cheese filling with Tomato Relish and Greens sandwiched between Sourdough Bread. 

Corned Beef Seeded Sourdough Artisan Sandwich - Shredded Corned Beef with a creamy Slaw sandwiched between Seeded Sourdough Bread. 

Sopressa & Provolone Sourdough Sandwich - Sopressa & Provolone with Romesco and Greens sandwiched between Sourdough Bread. 

Tuna Rye Artisan Sandwich - Creamy seasoned tuna with Greens sandwiched between Rye Bread. 

Vegetarian Sourdough Artisan SandwichMixed Roast Vegetable filling with Rocket Pesto, Cheese and Greens sandwiched between Sourdough Bread. 

Vegan Sourdough Artisan Sandwich -  Mixed Roast Vegetable filling with Tomato Relish and Greens sandwiched between Sourdough Bread. 

Serving Size

Serves 4 Sandwiches, 8 halves.

Serves 9 Sandwiches, 18 halves.

Serves 12 Sandwiches, 24 halves.

Ingredients / Key Allergens

Contains almonds, wheat, gluten, milk, egg,

Contains wheat, gluten, milk, egg, cheese and mustard seeds.

Contains wheat, gluten, milk, egg and seeds.

Contains wheat, gluten, almonds, milk, soy and cheese.

Contains wheat, gluten, milk, egg, cheese, oat and pepitas.

Contains pine nuts, wheat, gluten, milk, soy and cheese.

Contains wheat & gluten.

Please be advised our products may have come into contact with or contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, soy, alcohol, gelatine, lupin and seeds.

Due to the nature of our bakery, we cannot guarantee there are no traces of allergens present.

Please enquire with our team regarding specific dietaries or allergies.

Storage / Serving

Keep refrigerated. Best eaten the same day.

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