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Vegetarian Tortilla

Vegetarian Tortilla

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A Spanish-inspired tortilla filled to the brim with a variety of seasonal vegetables including potato, capsicum and silver beet. Topped with a mixture of two cheeses and baked until golden, this tortilla is best served warm with a small salad for an easy, fuss-free lunch or dinner.

Please note that this product is sold cold.


Contains dairy, egg, cheese and gelatine.

Please be advised our products may have come into contact with or contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, alcohol, gelatine, lupin and seeds.

Due to the nature of our bakery, we cannot guarantee there are no traces of allergens present.

Please enquire with our team regarding specific dietaries or allergies.

Serving Size


Serves 8.

Storage & Serving Suggestion

Store in fridge until serving in an airtight container.

Product Lead Time & Availability

1 Day.

Orders strictly close at 1:00pm. Please note that if you have not checked out before this time, your order will not be processed. Thank you for your understanding.

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