Goldstreet Jersey Cheese

Goldstreet Jersey Cheese

If Haloumi and Mozzarella had a cheese baby it would be this semi-hard, cooked curd delight - salty/sweet and creamy, layered in flavour and texture, and utterly delicious when cooked over a flame or BBQ. 


2 Serves per Pack


1. Cut into 2-3cm sized slabs and pat dry with paper towels (you can leave it uncovered overnight in the fridge to dry out if you wish). 

2. Rub with olive oil and place on a hot BBQ plate or cast iron pan. 

3. Cook until golden brown on all sides.


For extra flavour toss cheese slabs in Jocelyn's Provisions Kasoundi before cooking. 

Serve with grilled Sourdough Bread and a simple Spiced Chickpea Salad (see our other recipe) or Baba Ganoush. 


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